Thank you for being at the manifestaton!

A lot of people were present in the streets of Brussels, saterday the 7th of july, to tell Trump and his European imitators that we won't accept their logic of a military build up, which takes away scarce recourses from measures for poverty reduction, social protection, combatting climate change, a humane refugee-policy and a society of solidarity and diversity in general. Thank you for being there!

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A list of all the media that covered our action:

In English:

"Thousands participate in Brussels 'Trump not welcome’ march ahead of NATO summit" The Hill

"NATO summit is 'one of the biggest operations in years' for Brussels police" The Brussels Times

"‘Make peace great again!’ Crowds take to Brussels streets to protest NATO, Trump" Russia Today

"The world in brief: Crowds protest Trumps visit to Brussels" Arkansas Online

"Belgians message: Trump not welcome" The Journal Gazette (Forth Wayne)

"European peace activists march against Trump’s NATO visit" Saint Louis News

In French:

"'Trump not welcome' quelque 1.400 personnes manifestent contre le président Américain dans les rues de Bruxelles" sudinfo

"Quelque 1400 personnes manifestent contre Trump dans les rues de Bruxelles"

"Une manifestation de 'Trump not welcome' se samedi a Bruxelles" 7sur7

"Sur le sentier de la guerre de Trump, nou n'avons rien à gagner"

"Sommet de l’OTAN: 10.000 manifestants anti-Trump attendus ce samedi à Bruxelles" l'Avenir

"Sommet de l'Otan : 'Une des plus grandes opérations depuis des années pour la police'" Le Vif

"Environ 1400 personnes défilent contre Trump à Bruxelles" Journal de Quebec

In German:

"1.400 Teilnehmers bei Protestmarsch gegen Trump in Brüssel" Grenz Echo

"'Nein zur NATO - Nein zum Krieg' Massendemos in Brüssel gegen Allianz-Gipfel" Sputnik Deutschland

In Dutch:

"Protestmars tegen Trump bracht 1.400 mensen naar Brussel" VRT nieuws

"1.400 betogers trekken door de straten van Brussel tegen komst van Trump" HLN

"Opnieuw protest tegen komst Trump" HLN

"1.400 betogers trekken door de straten van Brussel tegen komst vanTrump" de morgen

"1.400 mensen protesteren in Brussel tegen Trump" knack

"Manifestatie tegen Trump en voor de vrede op 7 juli in Brussel" Knack

"Betoging tegen komst Trump" De Telegraaf

"1.400 mensen claimen straten van Brussel in protestmars tegen Trump en militair opbod van NAVO" dewereldmorgen

"2.400 politiemensen en een duizendtal militairen gemobiliseerd voor NAVO-top in Brussel" het nieuwsblad

"NAVO-top wordt een van de grootste operaties in jaren voor politie in Brussel" het nieuwsblad

"Betoging tegen komst Trump in Brussel"

In other languages:

"Brusselos in corteo contro Donald Trump" euronews (Italian)

"Rechazo en Europa a visita de Donald Trump" El Universo (Spanish)

"Donald Trump, așteptat cu proteste la Bruxelles: 'Vrem pace, nu război!'" stiripesurse (Romanian)

"Manifestație anti-Trump la Bruxelles, înaintea summitului NATO" HotNews (Romanian)

اهپیمایی در بروکسل در آستانه نشست ناتو؛ «ترامپ جای تو اینجا نیست»" euronew (Farsi)

"Briuselyje įvyko protestas prieš Trumpo atvykimą į NATO viršūnių susitikimą" TV3 Lithuanian

"Bélgica: Ativistas protestam contra Trump antes de cúpula da Otan" Jornal Estados de Minas (Brazilian Portguese)

"TRAMP NIJE DOBRODOŠAO: Masovni protesti u Briselu protiv američkog predsednika" Republika (Kroatian)

"Aksi Protes di Brussels Menjelang Kehadiran Trump dalam KTT NATO" hidayatullah (Indonesian)

"Трамп не приветствуется»: в Брюсселе готовится акция против президента США" (Russian)

"北約峰會將至 布魯塞爾千人上街反川普" We even made Chinese press!



Protest March
Make Peace Great Again

7 july 3 PM - Brussels North Station

Trump will visit our country on 11 and 12 July for a NATO summit. On the agenda: more defence expenditure by all NATO countries, including Belgium. The Trump Not Welcome Platform calls on everyone to reclaim the streets on Saturday 7 July. We refuse to participate in this arms race at the expense of poverty reduction, social protection, the fight against climate change, humane refugee policies, and a diverse society based on solidarity. Will you join us?

Come to Brussels on Saturday 7 July, and say ‘No’ together with us to Trump, his politics, and that of his European counterparts. Let us jointly give a message:

For peace

Against the purchase of new fighter jets and the militarisation that Trump and the NATO want to enforce. We want to invest our tax money in education, health care, the climate, and international solidarity! For a world without nuclear weapons!


for a liveable world

It’s outrageous: brown coal plants are reopened, and iodine tablets are distributed to protect us against the cracks in the nuclear power plants. We want a solidarity-based and decisive climate policy for a sustainable future.

For a tolerant society based on solidarity

Racism, sexism, homo and transgenderphobia, intimidation, criminalisation of those who seek refuge from war and of people who open up their houses out of solidarity … Rights for which the struggle started long ago are under attack. We stand up for the rights of all people, based on the principles of equality and solidarity.

For social rights

For the interests of the 99%. No to the politics of self-enrichment of governments that are governed by and for the richest 1%. We’re fed up with austerity measures. Time to invest in our society.

Does your organisation want to sign this call? Contact us via

Join us on Saturday 7 July and let your voice be heard. Let us show that we stand united for a peaceful and sustainable future based on solidarity. United we stand!



3 PM gathering at Brussels Nord

Speeches and program:

Isabelle en Leila (for the platform Trump not Welcome)
Paula Polanco (intal)
Ludo de Brabander (Vrede vzw)
Mounir (trade unionist, Globe Aroma)
Jagoda Munic (Friends of the Earth Europe)
Eva Brumagne (Femma)
Camille Prier (Rainbowhouse Brussel)
Sadet Karabulut (SP Netherlands)
Shabbir Lakha (Stop the War Coalition, organizers of UK Rally July 13th)
Iskra Soto (Mundubat)

Concerts of Stef Kamil Carlens & Matt Watts and Code Rouge 

Meeting point Railway Station Brussels North at 3 PM. Itinerary : Boulevard Simon Bolivar - Quai de Willebroeck - Square Sainctelette - Boulevard du Neuvième de Ligne - Rue Antoine Dansaert - Rue Léon Lepage - Rue du Marché aux Porcs - Quai à la Houille - Quai à la Chaux - Place de l'Yser - Boulevard d'Anvers - Jacqmain - Boulevard du Roi Albert II 2 (à droite) - Boulevard Simon Bolivar

What to bring

Your good humor and some noise!


Get involved

There are many ways to join us

  • Support our initiative via our growfunding page. Every euro counts! Your support is welcome on BE61 7320 4547 0217 Globalize Solidarity asbl with mention ‘don TNW’.
  • Spread the word! Invite family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow students…
  • Pimp your facebook profile
  • Hang a poster at your window. You can get these posters soon. Or you can print the poster at home
  • Distribute flyers in a railway station near you. Enlist via
  • Knit a pussy-cat hat in a colour of your choice. On you’ll find a lot of inspiration
  • Send us a video of one minute max stating why you will participate in the protest march. Tweet to  @trumpnotwelcome
  • Help us to organise an effective march and volunteer as a steward during the event. Enlist via
  • Help us with the preparations in one of the working groups. Send an email to





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