United We Stand

It all started when...

Shortly after Trump’s election, a small group of enthusiast youngsters launched an event on social media to protest against Trump’s visit during the NATO-summit in Brussels. The event grew enormously and soon more volunteers joined to help organise the march and mass mobilise. Organisations of Belgium’s civil society didn’t stay out, since many officially expressed their support for the initiative.

The text below gives a preview of the different movement’s motives to march with us on the 24th of May. It provides us an alternative; a society in movement working for a better future.

Protest March Trump not welcome
On 24 and 25 May, the Predident of the United States Donald Trump will come to Belgium to attend a NATO summit and to inaugurate NATO's new headquarters in Brussels. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel already stated he is "very happy" to meet with Trump personnally.  We do not agree with that.

We call for a protest march against the policies and ideology that Trump and his administration of billionaires stand for. Policies that favour a political and economic elite who only want more and more. Policies that spread hatred based on lies, deny scientific facts and try to intimidate the media.  An ideology that will lead to social decline and refuses to invest in a sustainable future and a fair society.

Out of concern for our future and out of solidarity with the people of the United States, but also as a warning to policy makers and Trumpists closer to home, we call for a protest march on 24 May at 5 PM in Brussels:

  • a march that stands up for the interests of the 99%. We march the streets against the self-serving policy of governments by and for the wealthiest 1%. We oppose the worldwide degradation of social rights, the increase of cutbacks and the weakening of the position of the working class.
  • a march for peace. We raise our voices against NATO and all military interventions that violate international laws. We object to further investments in war policies and militarisation. They only increase the threat of war and prevent public means from being invested elsewhere, such as in education,  health care or the ecological transition.
  • a march for a sustainabe world. If the US government does not acknowledge the reality of climate change and won't honour earlier signed agreements and treaties, that will have serious consequences for our planet. Trump wants to abolish environmental protective agreements, mine for thousands of tons of fossile fuels (even in National Parks) and support polluting projects by multinationals (e.g. Dakota Pipeline, Keystone XL). These policy choices will speed up climate change rather than slowing it down. We want to aim for a sustainable future together.
  • a march against racism and sexism. Long acquired rights are threatened: women's rights, LGBT rights, the rights of muslims and migrants, and human rights in general.  We stand up for ALL people, out of the principles of equality and solidarity. We will fight sexism, racism and any other form of discrimination and stand up for a humane  policy for refugees.

Trump and European Trumpists seek to divide us, therefore we have to show them that we are united for a democratic, peaceful and sustainable future. United we stand. Join us! 

Protest March #TrumpNotWelcome #UnitedWeStand
24 May, 5PM